to Sodo Spirits Distillery, crafters of America’s first and only authentic Honkaku
shochu – “EvenStar.” We’re located in the south downtown (SODO) area
of Seattle, the city’s core industrial neighborhood and home to the Seattle
Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Sounders and, hopefully,  the future returning Seattle Supersonics (ok, maybe not for a while now thanks to that #%**#! Stearn).

still1EvenStar Shochu…

uses 100% pearled barley from eastern Washington and imported Koji spores from Japan to create a base for its’ unique flavor profile. Following the general brewing process of fine sake, our proprietary barley/koji mix undergoes a lengthy double fermentation at cool temperatures, resulting in a gentle though high conversion of starch to sugar to alcohol. The resulting sweet mash is hand loaded into our hand hammered copper pot still along with whole ingredients like
fresh spearmint or fresh ginger and then carefully distilled a single time to retain natural character. This distillate rests for weeks before finally being blended to an ABV of 25% or 30%, depending upon the flavor style.

Try it. Enjoy it. Don’t over do it.


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