Choosing the Right Accommodation Booking Software for Your Business

If you are relatively new to the travel technologies market, then choosing the best accommodation booking software can be a very daunting task. There are many software solutions in the market promising unlimited bookings and profits but which of these actually deliver on their promises? It is important to have a checklist of the things that you will look out for when shopping for the best accommodation booking software that will drive up the online bookings.

So what factors should you check out when shopping for accommodation reservations software? Look at the cost of the software solution, the range of features that it offers you, the support services, the customizability of the software and the software integration capabilities. You will learn why these factors are important when you are looking for the best travel management solution.

Avoid Freemium

If you go to Google now, you will find thousands of travel agents and online travel providers searching for “travel accommodation software free”. But freemium is not the way to go if you are looking for a critical technological backend service such as an online reservations system.

You will need to budget for a reputable product that will offer you stability and reliability along with excellent support to ensure that your online travel agency, OTA, or accommodation rentals online work efficiently and deliver value to your customers.

Free software is also very basic and will not offer you the advanced features that your clients need for the best online booking experience. They always offer you a more stripped down online booking solution. With paid software, you can look forward to a feature-rich product with excellent customer support features that will ensure your booking software online works smoothly.

With paid systems, you can also look forward to more security, stability and powerful integration features that will allow you to customize and personalize the software tool as much as you wish.

What are the cost factors?

Look at the pricing plan of the accommodation booking software.  Reservations software developers deploy various pricing plans and it is important to determine which of these will suit you best. For example, will you go for a one-time fee, monthly plan or commissions on sales of your travel products?

Some will charge you for the installation and the support services while others charge per license per user. Determine which of these will be best suited for your business. The one-time option is always the most preferable as it will give your business room for growth.

Is the software tool customizable?

With a customizable software tool, you will have more freedom to personalize the booking software accommodation tool according to your needs. You are not restricted in terms of what you will install online. This way you can plug in more modules into your booking system online to meet desired user needs. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide


Look at the software tool’s ease of integration with your web and mobile platforms. If you are already running a high traffic travel website, then you should be able to plug it in easily and start taking bookings. With the rapid growth of the smartphone market, also ensure that the accommodation booking software has a mobile app for your accommodation business.

Is there a dedicated support team?

Software support is always critical when you are purchasing a technology product. It is therefore important to ensure that the booking online system has a dedicated team to offer you support in case of mishaps.