Coastal Properties of Peri-Urban and Suburban Areas: Perks, Health Benefits, and Accessibility

Whether you’re a first home buyer or an investor, a coastal property sounds like a good investment—and in most cases, it’s true—but, of course, several factors must be delivered by the real estate firms to completely constitute its good investment quality. Not unknown to many, bustling urban properties are really expensive and sometimes not that sustainable for a long-time living; rural properties, however, are watered down when it comes to pricing and often times accessibility. You know what gets you the best of both worlds? If you’d buy a property for sale in Kangaroo Point, you’ll see why many investors and home buyers are choosing to invest and live in coastal, peri-urban areas and suburbs.

The Good News about Coastal Living in Peri-urban Areas

Before, coastal living was popularly known for being most people’s temporary refuge and wealthy homeowners’ choice. This slightly true belief about coastal living points out to several factors: for one, the transportation is an issue, not to mention the accessibility and distance problems to important facilities like the shopping centres and comprehensive medical facility. However, that’s not the case today. Since coastal migration has been a thing these recent years, businesses have also extended their limbs to the shores. This leads to the real estate industry in coastal areas blooming.

Because of the migration of urban citizens and businesses to the shorelines, the real estate industry has also innovated their housing solutions for markets who want to buy and sell coastal properties. Along with this, environmental policies implemented by the state and federal government, under Australia’s real estate law, are also adhered to by most real estate agencies and proprietors.

But of course, it isn’t always sunny down there on the shorelines. Just like every other region, coastal real estate also has a few issues to address under its belt. Among of them are marine biodiversity, rising sea levels, and mosquitoes. As mentioned, proprietors and investors can worry less because stricter guidelines about building constructions, environmental care, and safety are promulgated by the government particularly in coastal areas.

Health Benefits to Residents

Now, this is not that much of a news—it’s already been proven that living beside the sea, particularly in peri-urban areas, has positive effects on the human mind and body. But contrasted with today’s polluted air and congested traffic in most bustling urban areas, you can’t help but put the health benefits of seaside living In the spotlight.

Besides, permanently residing in a coastal home used to be a dream for many—take note, it USED to be. Today, as that dream materialized, coastal residents gush about their coastal lifestyle, residents can’t help but beam with pride about the health benefits of living beside the sea. Particularly, most of the residents like the tranquillity factor of living beside the sea—sleeping with the calming sounds of crashing waves onto shores and the smell of salty sea breeze—who wouldn’t sleep soundly with that? Probably only those people with severe insomnia cases.

Accessibility to facilities

Lastly, a quick example of how living in a coastal property is worthy to consider nowadays is by looking at accessibility. For instance, most buyers who have bought a property for sale in Kangaroo Point has quite enjoyed the area’s easy access to numerous facilities. Today, a Kangaroo Point property for sale is situated near interesting and must-see places such as Princes Highway Sylvania’s cafes and restaurants. What’s even better is that property for sale Kangaroo Point has these days is even located 15 minutes away from airports. How convenient is that? Meanwhile, for the water sports aficionados, they can’t go wrong with a cheap property for sale in Kangaroo Point, as the area is packed with boating facilities like boatsheds and slipways.

Goes without saying, coastal living still continuously provides a calming environment for emotionally and physically stressed individuals of this generation. For some people, maybe it’s not a valid or defining reason to invest in a coastal property, but coupled with other invaluable and long-term perks of coastal living, it’s not that difficult to see why a coastal property is worth every cent of your money.

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