Get A Luxurious Wedding With Marry Me In Thailand!

Every soon-to-be-married couple wants an absolutely perfect wedding day, and to achieve that you need two things: a great wedding location and a skilled wedding planning team. The Marry Me wedding in Thailand will give you those two things, and more!

What is Marry Me?

Marry Me weddings Thailand is the first and only wedding planner in Phuket, Thailand, that caters to luxurious wedding events. Marry Me understands that the tropical paradise that is Phuket is the perfect backdrop to a truly special wedding, but to make your day even more unforgettable, their team of professionals will deliver you everything you want and need.

The idea behind Marry Me first began with Paul and Andrea Chappell and their friend Donna Toon. Their understanding of what marriage entails, plus their love and knowledge of Thailand, means that you are pretty much guaranteed that a Marry Me wedding Thailand will cover all the important bases of a perfect wedding day. Everything involved in wedding planning, from guaranteeing sunny weather to the best reception locations, will be considered so you will have the special day you want and deserve!

Why go for a Marry Me Thailand Wedding?

All couples want their wedding to go as smoothly as possible not just for them but for all their guests too, and with Marry Me wedding in Thailand, they won’t have to worry about everyone getting first-class treatment in that wonderful and exotic place. And because marriage is a step to a whole new life, having your wedding in Phuket will be the perfect symbolism as you start on life’s journey with your loved one as husband and wife.

And what’s more, Marry Me also takes the extra mile by making sure that it’s not just the couple who gets a truly memorable experience but also the guests! They go for a tailored approach in wedding planning, meaning that the bride and groom’s every idea will be considered and every decision respected.

Marry Me also specializes in accommodation booking so that all the wedding guests will have their every comfort attended to, plus their event management skills are available to make sure the couple and the guests alike will never run out of fun things to do! As for after the wedding reception, Marry Me can handle honeymoon planning too, whether the couple wants to stay in Phuket or jet off to other beautiful destinations!

Marry Me wedding in Thailand will give you everything you need and could ever ask for, from the perfect tropical location to a superb wedding planning team with years of experience in event management, airline and retail services. Marry Me has a close working relationship with Thailand’s best resorts, hotels, florists, entertainment providers, and camera crews. Visit them at for a comprehensive look at their professional portfolio, their personalized services and packages, as well as all the happy couples they had the pleasure of planning a wedding for. Go for Marry Me, and truly get the tropical wedding of your dreams!