Samui Boutique Resort – Heaven on Earth At Least for a Brief Period

Koh Samui or Ko Samui is one of those exotic islands in Thailand where tourists from all over the world love to come and spend their holiday. Many plan their weddings here or just invite friends over for some partying and to generally have fun. While the whole island is like a resort, there are specific properties that excel in being more glamorous and very attractive to guests who love to come and stay. A short stay at a Samui boutique resort can leave you with an adventure you would want to repeatedly want to experience.

Fun by the Beach

Being an island, the best attraction is naturally the beach. And the resort management adds to the fun by serving breakfast on the beach. So it virtually becomes a double treat for guests with the backdrop of the lovely beach and the well laid out breakfast delicacies and juices. If you are travelling to Koh Samui as a group, or either with family or friends or both, there can’t be a better way to spend the early mornings than to have fun by the beach, while having the morning cuppa.

For the record, the afternoon tea can also be served on the beach at the Samui boutique resort, again, enhancing your overall experience.

Nicely Built and Tastily Done up Place

The choice of this island resort is made sweeter when you enter the hotel. The word boutique sits pretty well since the entire place has that mysticism and romance about it. Each piece of furniture, tapestry, fittings and just about everything is intended to calm you down and put you in a relaxed mood, and perhaps it even prepares you for a great vacation. They offer different room accommodations and there are special discounts that run for specific periods for you to enjoy the same level of fun at lower costs. The pleasure could start the moment you get out of the plane since there will be airport transfers included in the tariff. This prevents the need to haggle with the cabbies going to your destination. The swimming pool overlooking the sea and the fitness centre for a quick workout add to the comfort of the guests. The resort could even offer you books from the library if that is one of your interests while spending a leisurely vacation.

Weddings and Events to Look Forward to

As briefly mentioned, there are many guests, including local Thai natives, expats and foreigners who hold their wedding ceremonies at a Samui boutique resort. The hotel management, with all their experience, goes out of the way to make it a memorable occasion. They would virtually take care of all the arrangements, leaving you to just entertain your guests. The food, the seating arrangements, the music and photography, and all other things you need in a wedding are done with meticulous planning and perfect execution.

There are also other social and cultural activities going on all the time, and you could take part in them to make your stay complete and go back a fully satisfied and recharged individual. Find out more at