Why Queensland Is the Perfect Location to Grow Old In

In Queensland, the elderly can very well choose whether to age in place or stay in care residences. If they opt for the latter, they also have the freedom to live in Pimpama age care facilities or aged care in Gold Coast. Suffice it to say that they can live their golden years exactly the way they want to.

pimpama age care facilities

They can also enjoy the good life, regardless of their age.


Because Queensland has established an age-friendly community where people of all ages have a place to be and be part of the community. Seniors have more to gain, however.

Apart from facilities for aged care Gold Coast and Pimpama have, different areas and aspects of the community takes into consideration the needs of the elderly.

  • Outdoor spaces and buildings are designed to provide them a safe, easy to navigate, and shaded areas to enjoy.
  • The transport system enables them to go to different destinations without the hassle and high cost.
  • They are encouraged to actively participate in community activities through the support afforded to them.
  • Regardless of ability, culture, geography, gender, language, race, sexuality, or socioeconomic status, seniors are valued and appreciated.
  • Community support and health services are provided to them to ensure they stay active, healthy, and independent.
  • Access to information is provided to them in various formats. Whether they are looking for Pimpama age care facilities or volunteer projects, they will stay informed and connected with their families and the rest of the community.
  • They are highly encouraged to participate in employment, lifelong learning and volunteering, and training opportunities so they can stay active and remain a valuable part of the community.

This makes Queensland a great place for ageing individuals and for young ones to age in. Why move anywhere else when you can live a dignified existence fully supported by the community?

So if you were in the fence about living in an aged care residence Pimpama offers, make a decision right now to sign up. No other place will take care of you as an elderly like Queensland would. Take a pick from * and similar facilities within Queensland. Click here Arcare Glenhaven

How to Decide if Pimpama age care facilities Are Right for You

Visit the facility and take a close look at aspects that matter.

  • Friendly and professional staff, from the receptionist to the nurses
  • Happy, healthy, and engaged residents
  • Uniformed and easily identifiable staff
  • Pleasant and welcoming environment
  • Clean and orderly, from the lobby to the resident rooms
  • Orderly operation rather than regimented
  • Decorative features, such as flowers and wall art
  • Nice view and appearance inside and outside the building
  • Well-tended and pleasant grounds and outdoor areas
  • Have places for peace and quiet and for large social interactions
  • Safe and secure with the appropriate equipment—smoke detectors, clearly-marked exits, etc.

More importantly, listen. Do you hear the sound of laughter, singing, music, and respectful chatter? All these indicate a happy environment in aged care.

If you want to enjoy your golden years and live without the worries, check out care residences in Queensland offered by Arcare.